» Student Profile: D’Aujai Kelley

April 16, 2024
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In the coming weeks, we will be featuring profiles of student employees and interns. This post is written by D’Aujai Kelley, a Junior and Special Education major at the College of Charleston.

My journey at the Avery Research Center for African American Culture and History began with a class tour my junior year. I had never heard of Avery, nor did I know that there was a place where I could come and be surrounded with a welcoming energy from people who looked like me. Being at a predominately white institution, I have never felt like I have truly belonged on the College of Charleston campus. This is the first time in three years that I felt like I had found a place where I can seek comfort and truly be at peace.  

As an undergraduate assistant, I get to work in the archives handling documents and processing collections. I also get to be involved in event planning, including ensuring special event requests are confirmed, scheduled, and that all details are in order prior to the event. Of all the events I assisted with, my favorite was the White House Initiative for Black Americans ‘Power Up’ event. There were so many voices of wisdom and I had the pleasure of introducing the Secretary of the U.S. Board of Education!  

I am also working to launch a museum guide with the Bloomberg Connects App for the Avery Research Center. This includes uploading current and past exhibits and digital tours and archives for the public! I have learned about so many stories that I did not know existed and how much they have impacted my life today. There is so much information and so many networking opportunities when working with Avery, and I love being able to meet so many influential people. Dr. Millicent Brown is an example of someone I met who made a huge impact on education and specifically Black education. There are many others who also make a difference in the community that I now call home. 


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