» Student Profile: Ashanti Murphy

April 15, 2024
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In the coming weeks, we will be featuring profiles of student employees and interns. This post is written by Ashanti Murphy, a Junior and Public Health major at the College of Charleston. 

I began working at the Avery Research Center in November of 2023. I attended a few events prior to my employment and heard a little bit about the Avery through one of my close contacts who also works there. These initial experiences sparked my interest, but it wasn’t until I started working here that I truly understood the full scope of Avery’s mission and the importance of our work to the community. 

Working at the Avery has given me a new outlook on the history of African Americans in the US. We are not taught in school about the great accomplishments of African Americans, especially the ones who were not as prominent as figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Rosa Parks. Here at the Avery Research Center, we celebrate and pay tribute to various African Americans in the US and Lowcountry who were not well-known but contributed substantially to making society better for other African Americans.  

My primary role is to help with Avery’s social media. Tasks include browsing archives for photographs, biographies, and much more. I create short and concise biographical write-ups for our social media posts. That said, at the Avery, no student worker has just one role. We help wherever we can. One day I may be the receptionist, the next day I may be assisting a researcher to navigate our archives.  

Avery is more than just a workplace—it is a gateway to endless learning and networking opportunities. Every day, I have the privilege of interacting with influential individuals who walk through our doors, offering me the chance to connect with living legends and learn from their experiences.  It is rare to find a place that encourages these types of connections and facilitates learning from real-life activists. This unique aspect is what makes Avery stand out as an encouraging and enriching environment for personal and professional development. I am grateful for the chance to be part of such a dedicated and impactful community. 

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