» Introducing the Race and Social Justice Guide

March 16, 2021
News & Notes, Archive Spotlight

The Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture prides itself in our long history of activism and education in the Lowcountry. We continue that legacy today with our Race and Social Justice Guide. This guide is a compilation of resources ranging from revolutionary Black literature, to films about resistance, to organizations doing the work on the ground in the South Carolina Lowcountry and beyond. The purpose of the Race and Social Justice guide is to educate College of Charleston students and the extended community about Black people’s history of activism and provide educational resources for them to continue that legacy. 

The Race and Social Justice Guide connects community members with local and national social justice organizations, in addition to resources about local mutual aid efforts in the Charleston area. Community members are made aware of the range of resources from College of Charleston Libraries, which include sources about the African American experience that range from as early as the early 19th century up until the present. There are also lists of social justice-oriented books, films, interview clips and podcasts, keywords, slogans; and links to websites and social media accounts of grassroots, community-led organizations doing social justice work. Topics covered by the guide include community control of the police, prison abolition, police brutality, social justice and cultural heritage sites, racial disparities, political and cultural theories, methods of freedom, mass movements, resources for activists, mutual aid and much more.

Our hope is for the Guide to serve as a gateway resource for our community. So review and share in your networks.

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